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Running Updates

This tutorial on ‘Running Updates’ covers:

  • Single site install ‘Updates’
  • When an update is available
  • Running a backup
  • Automatic minor version updates

Keeping WordPress up-to-date is not only a great way to gain access to all of the latest WordPress features, it is also an essential part of maintaining a secure website.

A banner appears in the WordPress Dashboard when updates are available.

A banner appears in the WordPress Dashboard when updates are available.

If you are a part of a WordPress MultiSite network, ‘Updates’ are the responsibility of the ‘Network Administrator’. A multisite is represented by a key icon next to the site title located at the top of the WordPress dashboard.

When a WordPress update is available, an update banner will appear in the dashboard. You can click on the banner to take you to the available updates or click the ‘Updates’ link in the ‘Dashboard’ menu.

Before running updates it is a good idea to back up your site. There are a lot of free and paid plugins available for backing up your site and even third-party services that will run automatic backups for you. For more information on backing up your site you can visit the WordPress repository and the ‘Updating WordPress Codex‘ page.

Back up your site before running an update.
Back up your site before running an update.

Once your site is backed up, and you’re prepared to update your site, click on the ‘Update Now’ button. When your update is done you will be automatically directed back to the WordPress dashboard letting you know that your site is ready for use. Be sure to test your site to make sure everything is working as it should.

Sharing the ‘Running Updates’ tutorial with your users, clients and internal staff will help keep your sites secure and operating with the latest features.

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