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Restoring Pages

This Restoring Pages tutorial covers:

  • Finding ‘Trash’
  • Trash recovery period
  • Permanently deleting a page
  • Restoring a page

When you ‘Delete’ a page from the ‘Pages’ screen it is moved to the pages trash folder.

The trash feature is designed to protect you from accidentally permanently deleting content from your site. When an item is moved to the trash it is stored for 30 days before being deleted permanently.

The ‘Trash’ link can be found above the page list on the ‘Pages’ screen.

To view a page that has been moved to the trash, from the ‘Pages’ screen click the ‘Trash’ link. If you don’t have any items in the trash, the link will not display.

Hovering over an item in the trash folder reveals an action menu. Clicking ‘Delete Permanently’ will delete the item immediately with no further recovery option. ‘Restore’ will move the item from the trash and make the post live on your site once again.

Hover over items in the trash to reveal an action menu.
Hover over items in the trash to reveal an action menu.

Understanding the restore feature could save your users, clients or internal staff countless hours and heartache when working to recover deleted posts.

Service was very quick and so far very happy with the results. I will definitely use this service again!


Holy crap! You’re good lol! Awesome work man, I will 100% be using you guys on my other sites.


It was fast! The tech was knowledgeable. They gave me a list of things to do to make the site more secure. Thank you so much!


They had my site back up and running in less than 2 hours. It was well worth the money spent to have my malware issues resolved.

Emily Korosec

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