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Pages vs. Posts

The ‘Pages vs. Posts’ tutorial covers:

  • A side-by-side comparison of Pages and Posts
  • The similarities between the two
  • How Posts display on your site
  • Features for organizing Posts
  • The purpose of Pages
  • How Pages are organized

While the Page editor and Post editor look the same and provide many of the same tools, the similarities pretty much stop there. Pages and Posts each have a unique structure for how content is organized, searched and shared. A Post is like a journal entry that by default displays on your home page in reverse order–showing the most recent entry first. Posts can be tagged and organized into categories providing powerful search options for finding and managing archived posts.

Post categories help make your site easier to navigate.
Post categories help make your site easier to navigate.

Pages on the other hand are for content that stays the same most of the time–like a ‘Contact’ page or an ‘About Us’ page. Pages do not have the ability to add Tags or Categories, but instead allow you to position one page under another creating Sub-Pages helping to make your content easier to navigate and manage. Organizing your content into Sub-Pages not only helps make your site easier to navigate, but when laid out thoughtfully it can make your site easier to find by search engines, like Google, potentially driving more traffic to your site.

Give your site structure by adding sub-pages.
Give your site structure by adding sub-pages.

Make your content easier to navigate and manage, and help drive traffic to your site, by give your users, clients or internal staff a better understanding of Pages and Posts.

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