Must Use WordPress Cleaning Plugins For Keeping A Website Safe

How do you address the general problems a website has to go through at a lot of times? Well, that would be hard if you are a non tech guy having zero experiences of troubleshooting those by yourself. Because all the websites problems are not the same as we see them. Sometimes there are heavy potential threats which can cause quite some damages which can not be handles after getting out of hand.

We are not talking here about the common problems of websites. Suppose, you have a WordPress money or business site of your own and that is really giving you some pain in the ass, then you need to act fast. You might need some serious assistance from the experts who can handle the threats by themselves without causing you anymore troubles. That would be very much helpful, isn’t it?

So, in case there are no experts at that moment to help you out, what would you do? Don’t worry. We can help you to go through those problems and solve them or prevent them from happening.

What Are The Common WordPress Problems That Tend To Take Place?

With the rapid growing rate of the Popular WordPress CMS usage, the threats do tend to grow too. We are talking about the threats like a website being hacked, injected with deadly virus or malware or threats alike those. You might not know this, but 83% of WordPress sites are vulnerable to hackers who can do a lot of damage to those sites if properly not being secured.

So, if your site is not secured till now, you need to take some serious actions to make those damages not happen.

Well, how to do that? 

You would be needing a number of handy tools which can help you to clean and secure your websites. So, here are a set of WordPress plugins which can eventually help you to secure your website and optimize threat levels. These plugins can do a lot of things like enabling an active website application firewall, scanning for malwares or viruses, filter out the common problems to troubleshoot and many more.

So, what are you waiting for? Hop to our list of WordPress Cleaning Plugins which will make you understand some of the WordPress problems and how to clean them.

1. Wp-Optimize

To keep your website running smoothly with out any problems, it is important that your database is clean and secured. Wp-Optimize WordPress plugin is a very helpful tool which can keep your website’s database clean and secured. And even if you manage to automate the plugin, it can do a lot more things like list out common problems a website or its data base has, cleaning up those automatically, and reduce the trouble levels for you.

The tool also comprises of functions like Askimate Anti-spam plugin which clears all the spam comments, trashed junks, old and useless data which increase the band-width limit of your hosting,

There is nothing more to do once you have automated the plugin. It will do all the work itself to keep your WordPress website clean and you just have to sit back and relax.

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2. WP Sweep

Wp-Sweep is one of the oldest yet best plugin which can enhance your website’s performance if used correctly. This plugin is basically a WordPress Clean up plugin which can make things smooth with out any hard work. The plugin helps you to clean up things like spam comments, traces and pingbacks which are complete mess. It also can manage your database and clean unwanted things which may significantly boost your website’s speed and visibility.

This plugin can definitely be use to clean up WordPress post revisions, duplicate meta-data, Auto-drafted posts and spam comments with one click option. The plugin is a complete gem which you should not miss out to use.

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3. CLEAN UP Optimizer

Clean Up Optimizer is a great tool which can become handy when you are finding some help to clean up your WordPress database manually. This plugin allows you to view your WordPress database’s core jobs manually, inspect them and delete if needed.

It can also be used to optimize WordPress database tables, spam comments, pingbacks etc. Quite easy to admit that, the Clean Up Optimizer plugin is one of the best all in one solution for WordPress Clean Up tasks.

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4. Smart Cleanup Tools

Last but not the least, Smart Cleanup Tools might go over your little head if you are not looking for any paid options. If not, then with combination of more than 37 tools, Smart Cleanup Tools is quite a great plugin for WordPress Database clean up just made for you. This plugin is one of the best selling plugin from Envato which comes with their quality checked assurance and 6 months of premium support from the developers of GDragoN.

It can be used to clean database junks, backup and restoring of the whole database, and enhance the speed of database operations. Also with that, you can use this plugin for multiple number of websites and networks for keeping your website database clean and secure.

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Final Notes

Well, I guess that now you have a better prospective of which of the following plugin to use for your website database cleaning and safeguarding. I made sure that there is no more clarifications remaining from my end about these plugins. All you have to do now is to choose a plugin from this following and make use of them.

Still confused about which one to choose? Well, you can let us know by the comments below or contact for better help by our contact form page so that we will be able to help you out with the decision.

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