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Install a Theme

This ‘Installing Themes’ tutorial covers:

  • Finding the theme uploader
  • Theme searches
  • Multisite and single site navigation
  • Uploading a theme from your computer

Your theme has a large impact on how people interact with your site and controls many of the visual elements. Choosing the right theme or switching themes can add great value to your site. By default the theme uploader is only available to administrators on a single site installation and a network administrator on a Multisite.

To find the theme uploader, on a network hover over ‘My Sites’ in the Admin Bar and click ‘Network Admin’. Then go to ‘Themes’ and click ‘Add New’. If you are on a single site WordPress installation, hover over ‘Appearance’ in the dashboard and click ‘Themes’. From the themes screen click ‘Add New’. At the top of the ‘Add Themes’ screen you will find the ‘Upload Theme’ button.

Click 'Add New' from the 'Themes' screen.
Click ‘Add New’ from the ‘Themes’ screen.

Click ‘Choose File’ to use the desktop browser to locate the zipped theme file you want to upload and click ‘Open’. When the theme you want to load is selected click ‘Install Now’. After the theme is finished unpacking the ‘Live Preview’ button will take you to the ‘Customizer’ for a preview, customizations and activation–or click activate to make the new theme live on your site.

The ‘Add Themes’ page also lets you search through and preview thousands of themes before installing them. The ‘Featured’ link highlights a few of the available themes. ‘Popular’ shows a list of the most downloaded themes and ‘Latest’ lets you see the most recently added themes. ‘Feature Filter’ lets you sort through themes based on color, layout, features and subject.  Hovering over a theme will reveal ‘Install’, ‘Preview’ and ‘Details’ options.

Hover over a theme to reveal options.
Hover over a theme to reveal options.

Introduce your users, clients or internal staff to uploading and discovering new themes and give them easy access to quickly and efficiently giving WordPress powered sites a makeover.

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