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Heading Styles

This ‘Heading Styles’ tutorial covers:

  • Locating the formatting options
  • Applying styles to text
  • Publishing content

Headings help make your content easier to read and assist search engines in determining the important content on your site. To make a heading make sure the second row of tools are showing in the post or page editor by clicking the ‘Toolbar Toggle’.

In the text editor highlight the text you want to make into a heading. Click the text formatting drop-down menu. By default this is set to ‘Paragraph’. Scroll through the list and select the style you are looking for.

Highlight the text you want to style.
Highlight the text you want to style.

WordPress provides six different ‘Heading’ styles for highlighting and separating content on a page. ‘Heading 1’ is usually the largest signifying its importance, incrementally scaling down for each of the following headings.

When you are done editing and styling your content, you can preview it by clicking the ‘Preview’ button located in the ‘Publish’ module or click ‘Publish’ or ‘Update’ and your content will go live.

Click 'Preview' in the 'Publish' module to see your changes.
Click ‘Preview’ in the ‘Publish’ module to see your changes.

Help your users, clients and internal staff create professional, visually stunning, pages and posts by introducing them to heading styles.

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