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This ‘Categories’ tutorial covers:

  • ‘Categories’ overview
  • Adding a new category
  • Organizing posts
  • Managing ‘Categories’

Creating a well organized site goes a long way in providing your visitors an intuitive user experience. WordPress allows you to organize your posts into ‘Categories’ making it easier to search and manage the content on your site.

To add a category hover over ‘Posts’ in the sidebar of your dashboard and click ‘Categories’.

Hover over 'Posts' and click 'Categories'.
Hover over ‘Posts’ and click ‘Categories’.

From the ‘Categories’ screen, give your new category a ‘Name’. You can also create a ‘Slug’. The ‘Slug’ is a URL-friendly version of the category name for easier navigation and cleaner URLs.

Use the ‘Parent’ drop-down menu to organize your categories into sub-categories–giving you further control over your sites structure. You can use the ‘Description’ field to label your categories.

Organize 'Categories' into sub-categories.
Organize ‘Categories’ into sub-categories.

If you ever need to manage existing categories, hover over the category you want to edit and click ‘Edit’ in the action menu.

Introducing your users, clients or internal staff to ‘Categories’ can help improve site usability and simplify post management.

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