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Adding New Posts (Gutenberg)

This ‘Add New Post’ tutorial covers:

  • Finding the ‘Add New Post’ screen
  • An overview of post creation
  • Formatting and structure options
  • Publishing posts

Posts were uniquely designed to keep a steady flow of new content on your site while maintaining organization. To create a new post hover over ‘Posts’ in your dashboard and click ‘Add New’. The first text field on the ‘Add New Post’ screen is for creating a title.

Hover over 'Posts' and click 'Add New'.
Hover over ‘Posts’ and click ‘Add New’.

The next box is for content creation. You can either type or copy-and-paste content prepared in another text editor. Above the text editor you will find a list of tools for formatting your text. To the right and below the text editor you will find modules for organization and further customization.

To save the content of your post without making it go live on your site click ‘Save Draft’ in the ‘Publish’ module. Clicking ‘Preview’ will let you see what your new post will look like when published. If your are ready to share your post with the world click ‘Publish’ and the content will be added to your site.

Click 'Publish' to share your post.
Click ‘Publish’ to share your post.

Keep fresh content moving on your WordPress site or network by providing your users, clients or internal staff with this introduction to ‘Add New Post’.

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