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Adding Media

This ‘Upload Media’ tutorial covers:

  • Finding ‘Upload New Media’
  • Drag-and-Drop uploader
  • File selector
  • Accessing the media editor

WordPress offers a simple drag-and-drop Media Uploader with multi-file selection for adding files to the ‘Media Library’ quickly and efficiently. To open the ‘Upload New Media’ screen hover over ‘Media’ in the sidebar of the Dashboard and click ‘Add New’.

Drag a media file to the uploader.

Drag a media file to the uploader.

You can ‘Upload New Media’ by dropping a file where it says ‘Drop Files Here’. Clicking ‘Select Files’ opens a desktop file browser for searching and uploading files from your computer. When a file is added a progress bar will appear. When the upload is complete a link to access the media editor will appear letting you know your files are ready for use

Click 'Edit' to be taken to the file editor.

Click ‘Edit’ to be taken to the file editor.

If your browser is having trouble connecting with the WordPress uploader you can switch to the built-in file uploader by clicking the ‘browser uploader’ link.

This introduction to uploading media will give your users, clients and internal staff the toolset they need for adding content to the ‘Media Library’.

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