Robust Your Website Security By These 5 Best WordPress Firewall Plugins of 2019

Are you a wordpress user? Well, we probably guessed you might be one. Because WordPress is now one of the biggest content management system in the world which is being actively used. In recent days, it has proved to be worthy rather  than so many of its bigass competitors like Blogger, Joomla, Drupal, and Magneto etc.

What I want to say is, choosing WordPress over all these other cms was one of your best decision. It is so easy to manage and not that much complex which takes a geek to handle. But, in compliance to the growing number of WordPress installations these days, threats are growing comparatively too. And if you don’t secure your website which runs on WordPress with the time being,  probably you might not able to recover your site if it gets hit once.

What is the solution?

No worries, we have got it covered. We will be discussing about some WordPress firewall plugins which will eventually save you from any kind of trouble mentioned above. So, here are total 5 best WordPress Firewall Plugins which we will be talking about.

But before we start, you might want to know about

What Is A WordPress Firewall Plugin?

In short word, WordPress security plugins are the defenders of your websites. They will save you from so many ways that you can never imagine. The plugins which you use as the firewall of your sites, actively monitor every common threats as hacking, dDos attacks, bruteforce etc. All the website traffic which comes to you is filtered by them and every little problem is sorted out even in small details.

I think now you have a pretty much idea about the wordpress firewall plugins.

So, let’s move to the best 5 wordpress firewall plugins section where I will be discussing about them in more details.

Bonus Part – Do you know? Website Application Firewalls also filter your traffic which generally helps you improve your website speed automatically. 😍

1. Cloudflare

Have you ever heard about the Cloudflare plugin? It is well known for its free content delivery network (CDN) and free ddos protection for each kind of website. However if you want to avail the Cloudflare firewall protection service, then it won’t come for free. You have to purchase the pro plan from Cloudflare’s official website to get the Website Application Firewall.

The Cloudflare pro plan includes Ddos level Firewall protection within 3 layers. Which means all of the bad traffics will be filtered out by 3 layers. And if you are not satisfied with the pro plan, then you can opt for the business plan of Cloudflare where it will be 5 to 7 level firewall protection layer.

I must include that Cloudflare itself doesn’t provides website level scanning, malware detection and removal or threat alerts. You have to look out for any kind of possible threat on your own whereas Cloudflare won;t be monitoring your site from the WordPress dashboard.

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2. Sucuri  

Sucuri is indeed the best WordPress security plugin which offers a variety range of services rather than the Cloudflare. You can do way more things by Sucuri when it comes to Ddos protection, Website level firewall deploying, blocking brute force attacks, and other common threat alerts like malware insertion.

Sucuri is an advanced plugin which provides security service for every kind of website you could imagine. This one comes with a great content delivery network and LetsEncrypt SSL from the beginning. It is also very handy when cleaning up a hacked website. Yes, you heard it right!

Even if your website is hacked and you didn’t have Sucuri enabled in your site by the time, its okay. They will be clearing up all of your mess without letting any trouble happen further. Sucuri’s pricing differs in 3 levels where the lowest one will cost you $199/yr. And it is a complete worth of your precious time and website.

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3. Sitelock

Other than Sucuri and Cloudflare, Sitelock is a renowned Website Application Firewall plugin to choose when you can not afford the above two plugin mentioned in this article. It is a website which offers ddos protection, malware scanning and ousting service in their basic services.

Sitelock’s all plans come with the Website Application Firewall in default where they also offer the very strong CDN. As you know, CDNs improve the website’s speed and performance in all stages. It also includes daily scanning of possible malware threats, removal and security options in their plans.

You can avail the basic Ddos protection gig when buying any of their plans. And there will be another option for you to buy the advanced Ddos protection service if you need it ever.

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4. WordFence


WordFence is one of the best and free wordpress plugin which offers Website Application Firewall with other services like malicious request blocking, file monitoring, sql injection prevention and website level monitoring. All you have to do is to install the WordFence plugin on your wordpress site and you are good to go.

The premium version plugin will actively monitor your site being spammed, scan it from ip level, two factor authentication, block specific countries, wordpress fake login attempts and save them to show you. It will also scan your website frequently and monitor it in regular interval.

If you are not so high with your budget for getting a website application firewall, then I would suggest you to go for the WordFence free plugin to secure your site. And the only downtouring thing about the plugin is, it won’t perform as per your expectation when the threat levels are maximized. So, that’s when the WordFence premium will help you tackle those.

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5. BulletProof Security

Last in this list, BulletProof Security is nothing compared to these plugins which are mentioned prior in this article. Well, in terms of best Website Application firewall plugins, Bulletproof Security would be an exception if we don’t mention it.

Confusing, isn’t it?

BulletProof Security plugin comes with the best firewall protection service which you can trust for a very long time. It is little tricker for new users to handle and you may find it complex to handle. The plugin comes with a default set-up wizard which will edit your .htaaccess files to enable the firewall and monitor active threats.

The free version of BulletProof Security plugin doesn’t provides malware codes scanning for your website, you have to switch to its premium plans to enable those options. Their premium plan come for $59.95 for a lifetime deal and with unlimited site licenses.

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To conclude, I would say that you may better go with any of the plugins between Sucuri & Cloudflare. They are really good and can protect your site and its valuable contents when triggered. You just have to do a quick research around the things you are goign to deal with and choose a ideal WordPress firewall plugin for yourself.

So, this is it. Here was our list of 5 Best WordPress Firewall Plugins to secure your website. Feel free to comment if you are having any doubts over these, and don’t forget to share. We will try our best to assist you when needed.

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