5 Best WordPress Booking Plugins To Leverage Your Business

Sometimes when you are visiting someone other than casual reasons, then it is obvious that you will be needing an appointment or booking. So do your customers too. How far you have given it a thought for using WordPress Booking Plugins for your business in 2019? Well, if not at all then it is time for doing so.

Integrating WordPress Booking Plugins on your business will surely turn out a fair point for you. By using the WordPress Booking Plugins, you will be taking an extra step to stay ahead of your business competitors which will be very much profitable.

You see, the way of working with old school client management systems are not going to be effective in the year of 2019. So, what should you be doing? As I see, these WordPress plugins can really help you to automate your client listing, confirm bookings via SMS, schedule a exact time for the appointments etc etc.

Well, these are the things you would very much like to be automated, aren’t they?

They are just a couple minutes away from you to buy them. But before buying any WordPress Booking Plugins, do read about those in below.

1.WooCommerce Booking

An evergreen fan of WooCommerce? Well then, it would not surprise you at all if you were to hear about a very handy extension of the WooCommerce plugin named WooCommerce Booking.

Yes, the WooCommerce Booking is a leading WordPress Appointment booking plugin which is used by many of the leading business enterprises.

This plugin works in a very simple way. You can start right away working with the plugin by integrating it with some famous online calendars like Google calendar or calendar of your own. This plugin does most of the automatically for you. For example, notifications and reminders of booking are automatically triggered to the counsellors and clients who have booked appointments. In addition to that, you have the complete control of the plugin. You can manually edit it, twist it and also integrate the booking forms on your websites.

The single site extension of WooCommerce Booking comes for $249, where as you can buy the multisite license for $449 for 25 websites. If you wish, then you can test the extension for a limited time as WooCommerce provides a 30-days money back guarantee with the extension.

2. EDD Booking

EDD Booking is a famous extension of the Easy Digital Download Plugin which is best known for selling digitalised goods such as eBooks, PDF files, online musics and others on WordPress websites. If you have not got a chance to use both of the plugins, then this is the time you might do.

So, the whole EDD Booking works differently than the Easy Digital Download plugin itself. As you see, their single site plan comes at $40 for one year and the agency plan for $150.

Pricing of the plugin is not the whole thing, but it offers a great deal to business websites which offer services in outlets as in Spas, beauty parlours, Garage, and any kind of physical goods service or counselling. It comes with a dedicated appointment tracking system which also automates things like messages from you to clients, calendar schedules, email replying etc.

3. Bookly

Not quite satisfied with the paid WordPress Booking Plugins mentioned above?

Here comes Bookly.

Bookly is the most most modern yet free WordPress appointment plugin which you will see today on the Internet. Their basic version is quite appreciable which will fit your requirements as a booking plugin.

But the free version doesn’t comes with customer support or online payments. So, if you are looking for only customer booking then Bookly’s free version is a must try one for you. The premium version will only cost you $89 as an one time payment for lifetime which gives premium support as well as with online payments system and unlimited staff registering.

The plugin is a must try for those who have beginner level or intermediate level experience in handling WordPress websites.

4. Appointment Booking Calendar

The Appointment Booking Calendar functions as exactly its name say. The plugin can be used to showcase your available time schedule to your customers if they want to book any appointments or calls. The free version of the plugins allows the website owners to integrate Paypal payment option in their websites and can be upgraded with a fee of $49.99.

Well, if you are not interested in the paid version itself, then the free version has quite a lot of surprises for you. It supports multiple things like Google Captcha Verification, availability confirmations, multipage availability slots with calendar.

5. Booked

The Booked plugin is one of the great plugin which you are going to see in this article. Last but not the least, this plugin is a great match for you if you are looking for options like paid bookings, registered bookings, and guest bookings to enable on your website. This plugin is only sold on CodeCanyon marketplace only for the price of $49.

The user interface of this certain Booking plugin is quite dope which allows your websites visitors to see multipaged calendars along with custom time slots.

Also, with those, you will get the absolute control of the plugin like enabling it on multiple pages on your website, embedding forms with shortcodes, customizing the default interface to look it more attractive.

Isn’t it cool?

Final Words

Well, this was our list of 5 Best WordPress Booking Plugins by which you can start booking appointments with your clients online. We hope that this article goes down to you with the exact informations you are looking for right now. If not, just let us know the requirements of yours. We are just a comment away from you to answer!

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