5 Best BuddyPress Plugins For WordPress Websites To Use In 2019

Did you know?

Around 75 million websites use WordPress. WordPress is indeed a very good platform to work on almost any kind of website. From a normal Blog to a full-fledged Social Media website. The List covers it all.

The most popular plugin which helps us to do this is?

That would be BuddyPress of course!

You may not know this, but a large number of WordPress based Social media websites rely on BuddyPress to get their work done.

At the same time, BuddyPress Plugins works around for us to add extra functionalities to those sites. It has been conducted that, BuddyPress Plugins actually help the site owners make their Social media websites more enhancing. It just works like an extra little Cherry at the top of a Cake.

What is BuddyPress?

BuddyPress is an Open Source plugin for WordPress which lets you add some interesting features to your existing website. Like activity streams, user groups, member types, user profiles and many other features like these. Overall, BuddyPress helps to convert your website to a full-fledged social networking site.

Till now the date, BuddyPress is completely compatible with WordPress. It comes with all the features that you require to create a Social networking site. In short, it makes your life easier and saves you from unwanted hassles. And it also saves you from spending thousands of bucks.

What are BuddyPress Plugins?

BuddyPress alone is a full packed package with all the features which you need to get a Social networking site up and running. But, without any external help, it does seem to stop you from being at the top.

But wait !

In easier words, BuddyPress is the base where the BuddyPress plugins are going to be the beautiful monuments. BuddyPress plugins fulfill your social community websites. It adds all the various features that you need to fulfill your advanced networking needs.

Let’s discover our hand-picked must have BuddyPress plugins now…


1. iFlyChat ( Free + Premium)

iFlyChat is undoubtedly one of the best real-time chatting plugins out there. This plugin can fit in all types of social networking sites, either it be a community website or a private forum. It has both Public and Private chat modes. Additionally, iFlyChat takes care of the privacy of your conversation by encrypting it over HTTPS networks. Once more, a person can also send or share files over chat and also in public chat rooms. There is almost no limit on the filetype someone can send. And…

The best part is, one can express their emotions very well with the help of custom emoticons.


  • iFlyChat Server
  • Attractive Pop Up Chats
  • Embedded Chat Room Feature
  • Send File Attachment over chat
  • Cross-Platform Chat Support

2. rtMedia (Free)

rtMedia plugin helps you to lift up your Media management experience. If you are looking for an entirely new and complete media management system then this plugin is UNDOUBTEDLY for you. The plugin is a WordPress.com VIP compatible as well as an easy to use plugin. Moreover, this plugin based on mobiles first approach making it compatible and responsive for both mobile and desktops. The best part of this plugin is that it also offers more than 35 premium add-ons. The add-ons will make it easier for you to upload, manage and edit all sorts of media on BuddyPress.


  • Custom Thumbnail for Audio/Video
  • 35+ Premium Add-ons
  • Media Privacy Feature
  • Extension for Instagram Effects
  • Lightbox and Masonry

3. BuddyPress Member Types (Premium)

If your community or forum contains different types of members then this BuddyPress Member TypesΒ plugin is going to help you out. With the help of this particular plugin, you will be able to create and assign different roles to different users. This plugin is definitely one of the best and wanted BuddyPress plugin out there. Except all this, you can also assign different WordPress roles to different member types. Moreover, it also gives you the accessibility to displays the Member type in the Member Directory. It also does has other worthy features too. Because of that, we highly suggest you to give this plugin a try.


  • Add New Member Types
  • Custom Profiles fields for Member Types
  • Availability of Registration Forms for Specific Member Type
  • Assignment of WordPress Roles to Specific Member Type
  • Import/Export Member Types

4. User Pro (Premium)

User Pro is another worthy BuddyPress plugin. This plugin lets your users log in to your website via their social networking accounts. Because of this, your users will be able to log in to your website without any hassle in the simplest way possible. Not just that, but this plugin also lets your users manage their details on the website. Along with all that, this plugin also comes with awesome looking Registration and login pages. The Registration and login pages can be embedded anywhere on the website you want. Moreover, this plugin also gives out Follower system, achievement, and badges and other features like that on-board.


  • Front-end Registration and Login Page
  • Customizable Front-end Profile
  • Multiple Display Member List templates
  • Multiple View Modes
  • Content Restriction Option

5. Paid Membership Pro (Free + Premium)

The name of the Plugin quite perfectly defines its works itself.

Here featuring Paid Membership Pro, with over 60,000+ active installs, the plugin is the most popular Paid membership plugin. if your community site or private forum has paid membership, it’s the ultimate Paid membership management plugin. This plugin has everything a person requires to manage members, membership subscriptions, and payment collections. This plugin does it all. Moreover, the plugin is compatible with some of the most used payment gateways out there. Examples include Paypal, Stripe, Authorize.net, and others. The Payment gateway configuration is easy and hassle-free. Except all of this, they have over 60 Add-ons available to add more features on the way if you want to.


  • Unlimited Membership Levels
  • Over 60 Add-ons Available
  • Supports Popular Payment Gateways
  • Highly Customizable Reports and Member Dashboards
  • Extensive Options for Content Restriction


We already know that it’s not easy at all to select the best plugin between 100s of available plugins doing the same work. More or less, we tried to make your day easier by listing some of the best plugins out there which we think were worth mentioning. With the help of these plugins, you will be able to take your site to an entire new level.

Do let us know if you want your favorite plugin to be on the list as well using the comment section below.

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