Most of you have heard about WordPress, but if it is your first time coming across this term, then it is not too late to jump on the bandwagon. 


WordPress is a platform used not only in the development of a website but also as content management. 


WordPress features a plugin architecture and a template system to make your web building process a doddle, for sure, this tool has pulled a blinder.  With this information at hand, you are already feeling like a geek, or should I say an anorak? Just kidding, there is plenty to absorb still, or have you forgotten that Knowledge is power?


The following list consists of 25 interesting facts about WordPress that you may have never known or heard of. While the list may seem long to you but you know that a journey of a thousand miles begins with? Yes, you got it right.





1. Twitter and Facebook are Younger than WordPress

WordPress initially got released on 27th May 2003.

Twitter was created in March 2006 and launched later in July the same year. On the other hand, Facebook launched its operations in February 2004.

Undoubtedly, WordPress proves to be older than Twitter and Facebook.

2. How the name – WordPress came into Existence

The name WordPress came into existence as a result of joined forces. Christine Tremoulet, a friend of Matt Mullenweg (founder of WordPress) particularly suggested the name.

What are friends for, ehhh? As a result of that, that is the name they stuck with.

3. WordPress Powers Nearly 27% of All Websites

The best way to validate such information is through surveys, right?

Surveys conducted by W3Techs web Technologies indeed show that WordPress presently powers almost 27% of all websites.
Isn’t that interesting?

4. WordPress Controls 76.4% of CMS Market Share

Again, the best way to prove the authenticity of such information and figures is by the use of surveys. Surveys conducted especially by Wappalyzer, show that WordPress indeed controls 76.4% of CMS Market Share.

5. WordPress is an Open Source and Free Project

Under the GNU GPL license WordPress permits anybody on the planet to download and use it. Anyone can freely access the source code to contemplate, use, change, and build upon.


The WordPress Foundation, a non-profit organization, owns the WordPress trademark.


6. No Company Owns WordPress

How is this possible? If you are probably asking yourself this question, then you don’t need to worry anymore.

Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress created a WordPress foundation to protect the freedom permitted by open source. The WordPress Foundation, a non-profit organization, owns the WordPress trademark.

The foundation not only owns the trademark but also secures the freedom permitted by the software’s open source license.

7. There is no CEO of WordPress

You are probably used to the idea of a company having CEO’s or acting CEO’s, right? If so, then you may need to hold that idea for a moment.
Because WordPress is an open-source project which no company owns, it doesn’t have a CEO.

Volunteer developers across the world run the project.

However, when decisions need to be made, they utilize channels or plans in place. Additionally, anyone can submit patches, bug reports, suggest features, etc. which are thoroughly looked over before they are approved or before a decision is finally made.

8. WordPress is a Strong Pillar in the Multi-Billion Dollar Economy

Thousands of professionals, as well as hundreds of companies across the world, generate income by selling WordPress based services, solutions, and products.

WordPress provides superb job opportunities to thousands of developers and designers. Many entrepreneurs use WordPress as a platform to build their businesses’ websites.

Due to that, they promote their businesses as well as sell their products or services hence generating income.

Isn’t WordPress making the world a better place?

9. WordPress has accumulated over 1.48 Billion Plugin Downloads

Over 1.48 Billion Plugin Downloads! Yes, numbers don’t lie, this is a very interesting fact.

It was just 2015 when plugin downloads surpassed the 1 billion mark and since then, the numbers have drastically increased. By 2016, the WordPress plugin downloads accumulated to a figure above 1.48 billion total downloads.

When you compare the figures in 2014 and 2016, you will find out that there is a 48% increase in plugin downloads.

10. Many Governments across the world use WordPress.

The list consists of thousands of government websites.

For instance, a great number of federal and state government websites, high schools, counties, or even small towns use WordPress to administer their websites.

In other words, the list is big.

11. WordPress is used in the Education Sector

Education? Yes, of course.

Previously, WordPress was mentioned as an Open Source Project, right?

Since WordPress is an Open Source Project, it is used by thousands of schools, colleges, universities across the globe.

Under the freedom permitted by the open source license, students can use it to study, modify, and learn.
Additionally, students and academia can use the WordPress platform to contribute to its development.

That said, as a student or academia, you can always help build the WordPress core, themes, and plugins as well.


As of now, WordPress has over 50,000 free plugins available for download.


12. WordPress has over 50,000 Free Plugins

Are you wondering what plugins are? If so, here is a simpler version of the explanation relating to this content. Plugins are like apps that are installed on top of your WordPress sites to extend specific functionalities.

As of now, WordPress has over 50,000 free plugins available for download. Whether you want to create an online store or add a contact form to it, there are plugins for that.

In a nutshell, there is a good chance you will find plugins that will suit your website needs.

13. WordPress has Recorded an increasing number of Non-English Downloads

In particular, the year 2014 recorded a drastic increase in non-English WordPress downloads. During this year, the non-English WordPress downloads surpassed the English version.

After several years went by, WordPress made it possible to embed the language from the WordPress admin area.
Additionally, WordPress designed a language switching feature for its users in their final release of 2016.


14. WordPress Provides Over 68 Languages for its Users.

The free project also has different languages available for most used plugins and themes
With the help of plugins such as WPL and Polylang, it is easy to use it as a multilingual platform.

15. WordCamp Events in 41 Countries.

WordPress has official events called WordCamps. In particular, 2016 recorded 115 WordCamp events from 41 countries in the world and 36,000 of its users attended.


16. WordCamp Meetups in 58 Countries.

Local communities under the umbrella of the WordPress Foundation organize smaller yet WordPress official events called WordPress Meetups.

2016 precisely recorded 3193 WordPress Meetup events from 58 countries in the world and 62,566 of its users attended.


2016 precisely recorded 3193 WordPress Meetup events from 58 countries in the world and 62,566 of its users attended.


17. WordPress has a Family

Family? Yes, of course, just like you have a family, WordPress has one too.

Isn’t it interesting? The WordPress community makes its way to the family list of this open-source project.
This community also runs sister projects such as bbPress, BuddyPress, and GlotPress.

Additionally, these sister projects run on top of the WordPress core as well as using the WordPress principles.


Lastly, these sister projects are not only just family but also open-source projects just like WordPress.


18. 11.45% of WordPress sites use SSL Encryption.

The figures for WordPress sites using HTTPS changed from 4% to 11.45% in 2016. These figures will change in the coming years as a result of more WordPress encryption plans.


19. WordPress Developers Used PHP and MySQL Programming Languages to Build it.

WordPress is programmed or written in PHP as well as using MySQL programming language for database operations.


20. JavaScript Dominates 20% of WordPress’s Code.

20% of code written on WordPress Core consists of JavaScript code.
You should expect the figure to go way beyond this number as WordPress continues to adopt an application development framework.


21. Free Support from the WordPress Community.

WordPress heavily relies on the community in its existence. That said, the WordPress community plays a very vital role in the open-source project.

This open-source project has an Official WordPress Support Forum. Thousands of its users, developers use this forum to post daily.
Therefore, this has made it even easier to find solutions for your current WordPress inquiries or problems.

Last but not least, many websites nowadays offer tutorials and videos for purposes of learning. YouTube makes a perfect example of such sites.


22. WordPress’s close Relationship with Jazz.

Jazz artists’ names come into play every time WordPress releases new versions. For instance, WordPress 1.0 was named after Miles Davis
On the other hand, WordPress 4.6 was also named after Pepper Adams.

These people were influential and prominent figures in the history of Jazz Music.



23. WordPress is Designed with an Auto Update System Feature.

WordPress consequently updates itself upon Minor releases. WordPress can also push plugin updates automatically when millions of websites become vulnerable.


24. WordPress.com differs from WordPress.org

WordPress is an open-source and 100% free project that allows anyone to build their websites as well as hosting it.
On the other hand, WorPress.com is a web hosting service designed by the co-founder of WordPress.

25. WordPress is built for Multisite Networks

WordPress comprises a built-in multi-site feature that aids in building networks of websites. The feature permits you to create these networks under the same WordPress installation.

This feature is hidden by default.



Did all of these interesting facts about WordPress cross your mind before taking your lovely time to read this article?

If so, then we must admit, you are an anorak when it comes to WordPress.

On the other hand, if you had no idea if any of these facts or knew some but not all, then we hope these interesting facts chuffed you to bits.

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